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One of the leading rehab centers in Los Angeles, Sovereign Health’s location in Culver City serves the people of Southern California by providing effective, evidenced-based treatment for mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Sovereign’s eight treatment houses in and around Culver City allow our patients to recover while still being part of an urban environment.

About our facility

Culver City is located near the coast in West Los Angeles. Located near Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, the town has been home to movie studios since the 1920s. Our facility is conveniently located near the San Diego (I-405) Freeway and the Santa Monica (I-10) Freeway, making access to treatment easy. Our eight treatment houses have large bedrooms and offer patients a mix of apartment and house living.

Male and female patients are housed separately from one another, and crisis intervention is available 24/7. Several major hospitals are located in the area for patients who require further medical attention.

For recreation, every home has a ping pong table, and some houses come with a badminton set. Limited television and game time are also available most days. All meals are included. Patients can purchase coffee in the mornings, and snacks are also available. Smoking is allowed, but only in designated areas. Most houses have two or three toilets available. Our patients help maintain their living area by doing chores. Laundry facilities are available along with storage space.

Culver City is surrounded by many Los Angeles attractions, including the beach. Gym time is a part of treatment and takes place five times a week. Patients can also take excursions on hiking trails and through the grassy areas around our treatment facility.

About our patients

Sovereign Health of Culver City accepts adults aged 18 and over. Our Los Angeles rehab center doesn’t only treat substance abuse – we also serve the needs of patients with a mental illness or a dual diagnosis – the combination of a substance use disorder with a mental illness. The typical length of stay for our patients is between 30 and 90 days.

Every patient undergoes a series of interviews and physical and psychological checkups before entering our care. This not only ensures our patients’ safety, it also helps us get to know patients fully, allowing us to craft individually tailored treatment programs suited for their specific needs. Additionally, our patients also receive a tuberculosis skin test before treatment for both their safety and the safety of our staff.

Treatment programs

Programs offered at our Los Angeles drug rehab center include:

  • Mental illness: Sovereign treats patients dealing with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and other disorders.
  • Substance abuse: As a serious chronic illness, addiction can destroy lives, but it also responds to treatment. Patients at Sovereign receive treatment in comfortable, judgment-free environments where they can focus on healing without distractions or temptations.
  • Dual diagnosis: The combination of a substance use disorder and a mental health problem is known as a dual diagnosis. Both disorders are frequently intertwined, with a combination of mental and physical symptoms. An expert Los Angeles dual diagnosis treatment provider, Sovereign can help its patients unravel this complex problem.

Sovereign’s holistic view of treatment means we treat our patients in both body and mind. It’s why we make use of both traditional and effective treatment modalities to give each patient the best chance at a lasting recovery. Patients can participate in group therapy, anger and stress management, and individual therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, a form of psychotherapy in use since the 1960s, helps our patients learn more about themselves and their problems, teaching new ways of dealing with their problems as they avoid the triggers of relapse. We also use alternative therapies, such as equine therapy and yoga, which give patients more pathways to heal.

Levels of care

During treatment, patients frequently undergo different levels of care.

  • Residential care (RTC) has patients receive treatment while living in a sober community, allowing them a safe space to achieve a healthier life free from distractions, temptations and other triggers.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) send patients into intensive, day-long treatment similar to that received in a hospital while returning home – or to a sober facility at night.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) allow patients to receive treatment while still being able to participate in ordinary life. A patient in IOP can attend 12-step meetings, therapy and other forms of treatment while working, attending school or looking for a job.

We also offer eTherapy, a form of telehealth that allows patients in an IOP level of care receive online therapy from the comfort of their own home.

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