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Insurance and Payment Options

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Vicki Hartman, Director of Admissions and Business Development of Sovereign Health Group, details the insurance and admission process for treatment. Sovereign Health we accepts all PPO insurance and private pay. They are out of network for all PPO and credentially processed for HMO, as well as Tri-care and Medicare. Once a patient has decided to be admitted, they undergo a process. First, there will be a pre-assessment and an insurance verification, which is processed through the utilization review department. Sovereign Health will go directly to your insurance for precertification, which means you are authorized to stay at Sovereign Health. They review all the medical notes and your justification for medical treatment.

The typical length of stay is between 30 and 45 days, based on insurance policy and medical necessity. Even though insurance plans might only certify 30 or 45 days, you do have the option to extend by moving into a private pay mode. Sovereign Health offers a guarantee for those staying 90 days or more: if you relapse within one year after your release date, you get a 90 day stay for free.

When you call, the admissions staff will go through a questionnaire to assess your situation, and you are welcome to ask questions as well. Dual diagnosis will be determined at that time and possible treatments discussed with you. The Sovereign Health website details all our treatments, residences, and accreditation.

Applying Phoenix Rising — there are two videos that seem to be exactly the same, one of which does not have a description.

For more information please call our toll free number at (866) 819-0427.

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