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06-18-13 Category: Health and Wellness

An eating disorder can take over your life. Without proper help, anorexia, bulimia, or overeating can stop you from living a healthy life.

An untreated eating disorder can cost you your life, so why not try any form of treatment that seems helpful?

One girl’s story, and probably many others, includes a rescue dog. Angela was struggling with symptoms that her parents could not identify. When she saw a professional to find out what was going on, Angela was diagnosed with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (NOS) because her symptoms did not fully fit the criteria for anorexia or bulimia.

Comfort Dogs

Angela found comfort in the idea of a pet dog. She and her mom went to the shelter and rescued a Lhasa apso-poodle mix and named him Liam.

Angela realized that she could barely take care of herself, so doing everything that a dog needs would be a struggle, but she learned that caring for him forced her to care for herself. When she didn’t feel like eating, she would remind herself that Liam needed her to have strength to play with him, take him for walks, and keep him on a good eating schedule.

Angela’s road to recovery from her eating disorder needed to include this rescue dog. The two supported one another.

Mutual Support

When the vet confirmed that Liam had back problems, Angela enrolled him in chiropractic and acupuncture treatment, and Liam recovered quickly. Angela believes that she and Liam were able to mutually support one another through each of their health concerns.

In her words, “Recovery does come, but if you can’t get it on your own, then maybe someone – or something – else can help you get there.”

What works for one may not work for all, but in this girl’s case, a rescue dog helped her recover from an eating disorder. What will work for you or your loved one?

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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