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12-18-12 Category: Health and Wellness

Apparently there is a growing trend in eating disorders, which makes me sad. What would someone think is positive about starving yourself or making yourself purge after eating? From what I have read, eating disorders have become a fad, mainly among college-age girls. I am concerned about this generation that has grown up in the world of thin being best.

There are several dangerous websites that promote eating disorders, coining the trend as “Thinspiration.” I learned that even Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other avenues of social media have become outlets for “Pro-ana,” the promotion of anorexia, and “Pro-mia,” the promotion of bulimia, are commonplace fostering a dangerous sense of belonging.

Instead of feeling community and togetherness, as these social media sites could be used for, groups have established a place in which young women, and men, can compare their body size to others. To me this is just sick, but what do you all think? Our society has become fascinated with the waistline of famous celebrities, and has quite frankly made it impossible for the average-sized young woman to feel secure in how she looks.

I do not remember the last time I was in a grocery store and did not see pictures of either thin women with headlines stating how overly thin the chosen celebrity is, or “overweight” women with headlines stating how obese and disgusting the chosen celebrity now looks. It seems like no one can win, and no one is safe.

Will there be celebrities who take a significant stand against the obsession with being thin to show young people that weight is not important? Can there be a group of influential celebrities that can change the messages sent out, and can say “I am beautiful at any size and so are you” to the point where young people will listen?

I read a response Kate Upton made to comments about her weight gain when her Sports Illustrated cover was printed. She did just what I hoped, she said something to the effect of: I love myself the way I am and I will not starve myself for anyone. Good for you, Kate.

Learn more about eating disorders by listening to Carla’s story:

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