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A former Australian model turned fitness blogger recently informed her Instagram followers that she had gained 13 kg. (28.6 lbs.) and couldn’t be happier. She posted two photos on her Instagram page – one taken in 2008 when she weighed 47 kg. (103.6 lbs.) and the other snapped last year after becoming 13 kg. heavier but with toned muscles.

Prior to putting on weight, Emily Skye admitted to trying to get as thin as possible because she was depressed about the way she looked. Skye said that earlier she used to do everything for a quick weight loss, including staying hungry and extreme workouts. These were clear symptoms of an eating disorder.

She said that after her perception changed, she began eating more and working with weights, for which she was also criticized by many of her friends. They could not understand why she wanted to gain weight deliberately. She said she has left those friends behind.

Self-perception and eating disorders

Self-perception or body image is the driving factor that causes an individual to develop an eating disorder. As with any behavioral health issue, there are other factors involved but eating disorders specialists agree that pre-occupation with how one looks is the main cause.

No matter what one’s weight or appearance, it’s important for overall mental health to have a positive body image. Even athletes like Skye, who have what most would consider to be an optimal physique, can have a negative body image, which can lead to mental disorder and harmful practices. Taking healthy steps to improve one’s body image, whether physical or mental, are important for overall health.

Seeking treatment for eating disorders

Sovereign Health understands how complicated eating disorders can be. For a healthy-looking individual to stand before a mirror and pronounce herself fat or ugly is not only beguiling beyond words but also heartbreaking. Our eating disorder treatment program tries to zero in on the psychological factors that shape such distorted thinking. As with every behavioral health issue, psychological factors fuel the behavior. Until these factors are addressed thoroughly, no progress will happen. Contact our 24/7 helpline to find out more about our programs.

About the author

Darren Fraser is a content writer for Sovereign Health. He worked two and half years as reporter and researcher for The Yomiuri Shimbun until they realized he did not read, speak or write Japanese and fired him. Undeterred, he channels his love of research into unearthing stories that provide hope to those dealing with addiction and mental illness. Darren loves the Montreal Canadiens hockey club, Fichte and horror films and would prefer to enjoy these from the comforts of his family’s farm in Quebec. For more information about this media, contact the author at

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