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Eating Disorder in Men

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Deb McCarthy discusses the prevalence of eating disorders in men. Men are about 1/3 as likely to have anorexia and bulimia and half as likely to have binge eating disorders as women. There are three variables as to why it is more prevalent in women than men. For one, it has been more acceptable in society for men to be larger than women. There also has traditionally been more acceptance of men eating larger meals and less pressure to have the perfect body, although this is changing. For men, athletes with certain weight and goals find pressure in their diet and have eating disorder. The typical male route to disorders is compulsive exercising. Men are often overachievers and perfectionist, personalities that can have a high risk for eating disorders. They also have anxiety, OCD, depression, and substance abuse disorders. Men also feel more stigmatized to come forward for help because it traditionally is categorized as a female disorder. To treat, it is important to provide healthy weight management tools and a real education of nutrition. She details the important structures to have in place for helping clients, whether male or female, overcome their eating disorders.

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