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12-13-12 Category: Dual Diagnosis

Sovereign Health has a storied history at providing dual diagnosis treatment for people suffering from co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder is when a patient suffers from a drug or substance abuse issue along with a damaging mental health issue like depression. The problem with traditional drug rehabilitation centers, is that they treat either the addiction or the behavioral health issue. Often times the addiction is fueled from the undiagnosed mental health issue, and the addiction intensifies the mental health problem creating a downward spiral for the patient which can be tough for the user to escape.

Dual Diagnosis Experts

Sovereign Health’s dual diagnosis program has had success in treating a variety of disorders like meth addiction, vicodin addiction, alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, prescription drug addiction and eating disorders. It takes trained clinical counselors to differentiate between psychiatric symptoms created from hallucinogens and those that are a pre-existing mental health problem. Sovereign Health incorporates a number of unique treatment options including guided meditation, their brain wellness program, their T.E.A.M. (technology enhanced aftercare monitoring) program which are all incorporated into a personalized treatment plan designed for the specific patient.  According to ‘Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology‘ a lifetime of illicit drug use showed a 35% correlation of people in need of dual diagnosis treatment.

A number of theories have been associated in an attempt to explain the relationship between addiction and mental health. Some believe their is a causality between the mental health issues people suffer from and their drug use. Other theories suggest that drug abuse is the result of a patient attempting to self medicate the problems they are dealing with as a result of their mental health problem. Psychiatric medication theory is based on the idea that past use of psychiatric medication may have created a chemical imbalance which the patient is trying to counter balance through drug use.

People suffering from co-occurring disorders end up damaging themselves, their friends & families and society as a whole. If you or a loved one may benefit from a dual diagnosis please visit https://www.sovcal.com.

Learn more by listening to this dual diagnosis testimonial from Alli about her time spent at Sovereign Health:

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