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01-18-13 Category: Dual Diagnosis

When Skylar’s parents began looking for a treatment center they came across Sovereign Health of California. At the time Skylar was struggling and his parents decided it was necessary to give him an ultimatum. Either go to Sovereign Health and get the treatment he needed, or no longer live in their household. Skylar made the smart choice and decided to get the help he needed. Skylar realized his alcohol problem had become to much for him to control and he was in serious need of alcohol abuse treatment. Skylar was allowed to choose which facility he wanted to attend for his treatment and chose Sovereign Health because of the serene beach setting and informative website.

Skylar credited his great experience at Sovereign Health to all the wonderful people he met during treatment. He felt like the connections he made in treatment will help him avoid relapsing and stay sober long term. Skylar felt Sovereign gave him the tools to help stay sober long term. A majority of Skylar’s success he credits to his therapist he had during treatment. Their connection allowed him to open up and discuss things he’d never talked to anyone about before and really tackle the issues that were playing a major role in his alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Advanced processing was one of the therapy groups that Skylar found particular success in.

Skylar really liked the residential treatment options offered through Sovereign Health. He found the apartment living was a perfect balance between structure and freedom, and was great for preparing for a future sober living house. Skylar’s advice to future patients is to stay strong, and to remember to keep perspective. That each day presents its own new challenges and not to get overwhelmed.

Listen to Sklyar in his own words explain the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment programs like Sovereign Health:

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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