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11-28-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Okay, so hey there. It’s been a totally crazy week. How is everyone doing?

For me, it’s Sobriety DAY 104!!! I feel good, but not great. With the holiday season upon us, it feels harder to stay sober.

When I was in rehab I heard that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the highest level of drug rehabilitation center admissions. I never checked to see if that was true, but it makes a lot of sense to me. At this time last year I was out of control.

I think I would have found it helpful for someone to tell me what to expect from drug rehab so I would have gone sooner, because it’s a daunting concept when you’re actively using.

What To Expect From Drug Rehab

The first thing I’ll say is that it can feel scary, but rehab itself isn’t scary. The place I went had a friendly and caring staff that wanted us all to get sober. I chose to find a facility that specialized in handling dual diagnosis treatments. It’s a process where the facility and staff treat both the addiction, and the underlying mental issue that is causing the addiction.

You can expect to meet people who have gone through different actual experiences but the same things you’ve been through. If you are questioning your worth, you can expect to investigate your insecurities, both in individual and group therapy. If you are wondering why you started using in the first place, you can expect to get to the bottom on that.

You can expect to be on an emotional rollercoaster while in drug rehab. Some days are amazing; I felt I could do anything I wanted to do. Other days I was depressed or mad at myself for living my life is such a destructive way. Some days I missed my using days. Things were simpler then, even though it became horrific.

I found that my group therapy members served as mirrors. It was hard at first to see who I was through their eyes, but then I realized that I wasn’t judging them, so they weren’t judging me either. For the most part, everyone in my rehab facility wanted good things for all of us. Essentially we all had the same goal. The camaraderie was helpful.

I made friends with people from all over, and I know that I can call any of them when I need something.

I actually wish someone had told me to enter drug rehab without any expectations, because no matter what you have in your head, you can not predict what’s in store. The good news? For me, it was so much better than I ever could have envisioned.

Good luck.

You can learn more about dual diagnosis treatment facilities from listening to this testimonial video:

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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