Vivitrol, Latest Innovation In Fighting Opioid Addiction
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05-28-13 Category: Drug Rehab

What if you could get a shot, once a month, and never want your drug of choice again?

Vivitrol, the latest innovation in fighting opioid addiction, may do just that. Opioids and opiates are the class of drug that heroin, morphine, codeine, and prescription painkillers fall under. OxyContin, Vicodin, and Norco, to name a few, are highly addictive and highly damaging when use progresses to abuse and addiction.

Once someone is addicted to opioids, many tools are needed to help them stop using. Formal treatment attempts to treat the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage of drug use with therapeutic interventions, holistic activities like yoga, meditation, and equine therapy, and an individualized treatment plan that covers all aspects of the person’s addiction.

If an opioid addict can benefit from Vivitrol, an injectable version of Naltrexone, which has been used in pill form for years, why not add it to the treatment plan?

Physical Component

Vivitrol combats the physical component of addiction by reducing cravings for heroin or OxyContin, so your brain is free to make positive changes. It doesn’t get the user high, instead it blocks the receptors in the brain that respond positively to opioids.

If the part of your brain that likes the feeling of codeine no longer experiences that pleasure when codeine is in your system, what’s the point of using that drug any more? That’s the idea behind using Vivitrol, the latest innovation in fighting opioid addiction.

Increased Odds For Recovery

In addition to therapy and approaches to healing the body, Vivitrol gives an opioid addict a much better chance at successful rehab and sustained recovery. So what’s the catch? Can a shot, the latest innovation in fighting opioid addiction, really be such an easy solution?

The question is always presented: if you are on any drug, are you really clean and sober?

What do you think?

If you were taking way more Vicodin than needed for any physical pain, and now you are taking a non-addictive drug in it’s place, is that better?

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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