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07-25-14 Category: Drug Rehab


If you’re facing legal entanglements that are related to mental health issues or substance abuse problems, you’re not alone. Our mental health professionals of Sovereign Health are dedicated to helping people reclaim their health and restore their integrity through treatment programs with solutions that make a difference. If you’ve been ordered to receive addiction or mental health treatment by an official of the court, we provide an array of court services, such as documentation and evaluation reports, designed to help you experience the best possible outcomes related to your health and legal challenges.

Voluntarily Entering a Professional Treatment Program

Most likely, your legal pressures only add to the stressors you’re already experiencing. Besides increasing your favorability in the eyes of the court, your voluntary admission to a mental health or drug rehab program may help you gain insight through individual, group oriented and family counseling. Entering into a tailored treatment program at Sovereign Health can help you take time for healing, self-reflection and receive support for the possibility of legal implications. We provide a relaxing environment that is nonjudgmental and confidential.

Court-Ordered Inpatient Treatment Options

After numerous research studies have shown that substance abuse rehabilitation is far more beneficial than incarceration, judges are increasingly offering the option of drug addiction treatment, which usually includes a probationary period. However, despite the pressure of seeking a court-ordered drug program, it’s imperative to select a tailored treatment that fits your individual needs. Your journey to sobriety may begin with our cutting-edge detoxification treatment process, but authentic recovery requires professional counseling, peer support and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are designed to provide a holistic approach to your personal challenges for a successful recovery.

If you’re obligated to have an evaluation of your mental health status, our skilled professionals provide the diagnosis and treatment that may help you manage your symptoms. Often, people who suffer with a mental health illness use substances to self-medicate the emotional distress that eventually develops into an addiction. Our specialists have a firm grasp on recognizing co-occurring disorders and providing dual diagnosis treatment through positive coping strategies to replace your need for drugs, alcohol or negative behaviors. Our intense therapy is designed to empower you with the tools to gain control over your life.

Evaluating Your Health and Personal Happiness

Although legal allegations may be frustrating and frightening, it may present an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your personal state of health and welfare. If you’ve been struggling with a life of addiction or symptoms of a serious mental illness, entering a mental health or addiction program can help you reclaim the life you deserve to live. Our highly trained professionals of Sovereign Health have the ability to treat the contributing factors to your addiction or mental illness for a happier and sustainable recovery.

Why Choose Sovereign Health?

Our superior rehab and mental health services of Sovereign Health understand your legal obligations, responsibilities and need for comprehensive care. We work in concert with you to find the best possible approaches to satisfying court requests for evaluations, drug tests and compliance with documentation. Consulting with your attorney is the best way to ensure all your protocols may be satisfied. However, regardless of your reason for reaching out for a healthy lifestyle, we’re committed to your optimal mental health and wellbeing.

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