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11-19-12 Category: Drug Rehab

So here is Day 1 of my recovery blog. My sponsor recommended trying this to “pay if forward” as they say in the world of sobriety. One my goals in my clean life is to teach other teenagers about marijuana addiction through the telling of my own story. Here goes…

I started smoking weed casually with my friend and his older brother when I was about thirteen. No one else I knew was doing it, but some people told stories of drinking vodka and trying cocaine and stuff. None of it really interested me, but smoking weed was cool.


We would play videogames for lots of hours at one time. I started skipping school. My mom would leave for work and I had my girlfriend call me in sick to school. She and I would stay at my mom’s house, smoke, eat, make-out, whatever.

I’m not sure when that turned into an addiction, but I can now say I was a marijuana addict for several years.

When I went to school, I would smoke before I walked into school, during lunch in the back parking lot,  then right when I left school. I was pretty much high all the time.

I didn’t think my body could be addicted to weed, but in receiving marijuana treatment for my addiciton I have learned that it really doesn’t matter whether you are physically addicted. It is more important to find out how smoking weed as much as you are is affecting your everyday life.

For me, I was missing school a lot, doing badly in classes when I was there, not wanting to leave my bed or my mom’s couch, not really wanting to talk to anyone new. I was lethargic and unhealthy. I gained a lot of weight because I smoked and ate whatever I was craving at the time. Fast food, pizza, and anything that delivered.

Do you smoke too much weed? You can Google to find out and make your own informed decision. I hope this helped some of my readers. – Anonymous marijuana user

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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