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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

When I started my junior year of high school, my group of friends and I were productive high school students during the week, and major party animals all weekend.

Alcohol, weed, and cocaine turned into whatever anyone could get their hands on. I saw people shooting heroin, smoking crack, and snorting crystal meth.

For me, and the friends in my crew who tried meth with me, and who loved it too, started snorting and smoking it all weekend. Alcohol, weed, and cocaine were on the backburner. Weed was good when I wanted to come down a bit, but methamphetamine use was my primary focus.

I am sure I have brain damage from my methamphetamine use. My skin is terrible, although its starting to get better now that I’m clean. I was super depressed for a hot minute.

Do you know someone who seems to be addicted to meth?

Here are the signs of a meth addiction:

  1. Does your friend seem confused or paranoid by what’s happening in his or her world?
  2. Does he or she get irritated easily when not high?
  3. Is he or she anxious or aggressive?
  4. Are poor judgment and bad choices being experienced and made?
  5. Does this friend have a hard time remembering stuff that just happened?
  6. Is he or she seeing things or imagining things that are not really there?

Physically, is your friend fidgety? Does he or she talk for long periods of time, seemingly engaged in a conversation without anyone else involved but directed toward another person? Are his or her pupils dilated, or do his or her eyes appear to dart rapidly from one object to another?

Is your friend’s mouth clearly decaying? Is there a lot of sweating involved with minimal activity? Are there lesions or open wounds anywhere? Significant weight loss? Does this friend miss work, engage in dangerous sexual practices, or seem depressed?

If more questions can be answered YES then NO, then your friend is probably addicted to meth and would benefit from seeking a meth detox center and drug rehab facility.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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