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01-10-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Sovereign Health Group rehab admissions team is proud to have Mike Boyer as a part of their team. Mike’s educational background is in Bible Studies and Theology and he has been committed to helping organization who promote well-being. As Program Director for Family and Communication Education Services and Director of Programs for Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, Mike demonstrated his knack for helping therapeutic programs get patients the help they need. Additionally, Mike also showed his personal interest in making sure people find the road to recovery through his time spent as a Client Care Managers at Michael’s House and an Intake/Housing Social Worker for the Salvation Army. Mike’s combination of compassion for clients and essential business experience make him an expert addition and a very valuable resource to Sovereign Health’s rehab admissions team.

Rehab Admissions – Mike Boyer

Rehab admissions is an important part of any recover center. Sovereign Health realizes that going to a treatment center, for any sort of issue can be an intimidating process. Whether it’s for mental health treatment, behavioral health issues, eating disorders or a drug addiction problem it’s important for a patient to feel comfortable and to have their questions answered in a professional fashion. Sovereign Health looks to develop a personalized plan for each individual and can help answer questions like what to bring to treatment and how a person can go about paying for addiction treatment. Cost of getting the treatment you need should not deter you from seeking treatment. The long term of not getting treated can far outweigh any cost incurred at a treatment center. Whether this is your first time getting treatment or you have been to multiple treatment centers and still working on getting it right Sovereign Health of California has the resources and treatment plans to get you the help you need. We succeed where others have failed!

Listen to Matt’s story, someone who went through the rehab admission process and went on to success with Sovereign Health:

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