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02-19-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Methamphetamine is a highly used and abused substance. Even after people know the intense negative consequences, both physically and psychologically, many still use the drug, and because of it’s incredibly addictive quality, a lot of people in the United States are addicted to meth.

The latest news is a priest involved in a methamphetamine bust. Are people this strapped for cash? The payout must have been too large to say no to, but really? A priest?

Five people, three in Connecticut and two in California, have been charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Shipments were made from the two people in California, to the three people in Connecticut. Kevin Wallin is one of the people on the receiving end in Connecticut, and he is also a priest. Wallin left the Diocese of Bridgeport in Waterbury, Connecticut in 2011 claiming he was “struggling with a number of health and personal issues.”

Priest Involved In Meth Bust

As those who know Kevin Wallin look back, the signs of trouble in this priest’s life were more obvious than previously thought. Apparently he lost a large amount of weight at one time, he started acting erratically, and his put together appearance started to change.

When questioned about Kevin Wallin, Brian Wallace, the spokesperson for the Diocese of Bridgeport, stated that “He just didn’t look right; he didn’t seem the same.” And further, Wallace said that, “We became aware that he [Wallin] was acting out sexually — with men — in the church rectory.”

It was determined that nothing illegal was happening, but the Diocese of Bridgeport asked Kevin Wallin to resign in June of 2011. The church made an effort to get Wallin into treatment, but the help was never accepted.

Federal investigators now estimate that Kevin Wallin was earning up to $9,000 every week selling crystal meth. There have not really been reports of Wallin using the drug himself, but based on the reports of his behavior and demeanor, it may have been the case. Regardless, what is our world coming to when a priest is involved in a major methamphetamine bust?

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Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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