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12-12-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Think about those meth addicts you see Before and After pictures of who look as though they’re being eaten from the inside out.

Now imagine what it would be like to love one of those people. To know whom he or she was at one point, and the total loss of all the potential ever possessed. To watch someone slowly kill him or herself, without enjoying anything about the drug use anymore, with no hope or life left in ‘em.

Now imagine a vaccine being available that would stop the craving to methamphetamine in the people who have become most addicted to the drug. Why would anyone object?

Meth Vaccine

Meth Vaccine

If I were addicted to meth and could genuinely not stop using the drug, and I wanted to stop and have a “normal” life again, I would be so hopeful about a potential vaccination for people battling methamphetamine addiction.
One main component of addiction is the inability to discontinue use of the drug of choice, even after some terrible consequences have resulted from said drug use. When you are physically addicted to a substance so toxic, as is the case with methamphetamine, wouldn’t it be so much easier to get clean if you did not physically crave the drug?

With such a drastic increase in the number of drug rehab admissions to treatment for meth addiction, and the increase in the availability of the drug, this vaccine could provide an opportunity for many lost people to find sobriety and have a second chance at life.

The big question though is: will this vaccination work? How effective can anything be against a drug like methamphetamine?

Research dollars are being spent to explore those questions. If you are smoking methamphetamine and you want to stop, and your life is being destroyed, and all you have to do is get one little shot and your cravings for the drug will stop, I am pretty sure there are many, many people who would try the vaccine that provides hope in meth treatment.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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