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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

North Carolina’s methamphetamine lab busts have nearly doubled over the last two years.

Anybody know what people do in North Carolina? Apparently it includes a lot of methamphetamine. Meth lab busts have nearly doubled within the last two years within the state of North Carolina.

Other states like Missouri  seem to be better known for mass meth production, and Missouri actually tops the list for the highest amount of meth produced within a United State. Also on the top meth producing list, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (the DEA’s) data from 2011, are Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The information is strictly based on the number of meth lab busts that take place in each state during a calendar year. With a doubling in the number of busts, North Carolina’s meth production is a cause for concern.

Meth Lab Busts

Law enforcement officials are attributing the mass raise in busts to a new method of methamphetamine production that can be carried out using two-liter bottles. There are simply more people manufacturing the drug than there were in the past. With the new method, instead of needing a room, or trailer, full of equipment to make meth, users have found a recipe that allows meth to be made in virtually any size space. They have been coined “one-pot labs,” and they have been said to account for 73% of the overall meth lab busts in North Carolina in 2012.

What is the total you ask? And how does it compare to other states? Well, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation report shutting down 460 meth labs in 2012, 344 in 2011, and 235 in 2010. In January through September of 2012, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 1,571 meth lab busts. In 2011, there were 2,096 busts for the calendar year. In 2010, 1,960 busts.

Although state law enforcement officials and the DEA are concerned with North Carolina’s meth lab increase, states like Missouri’s statistics put the problem into perspective.

State enforcement in North Carolina is working to more aggressively regulate the purchase of products used to manufacture meth, which they hope will cut down on the mass increase in meth labs overall.

An increase in meth lab busts unfortunately is a tell tale sign of increased meth addiction in the general population. Fortunately there are a number of drug rehabs like Sovereign Health of California that can treat people who are methamphetamine addicts. Listen to how biofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation can help in treatment:

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