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12-06-12 Category: Drug Rehab

I was walking along the Venice Boardwalk the other day and I was offered a medical marijuana card. I stopped and talked to the guy, just to get some information, and I ended up asking him about how it all works.

Apparently it’s legal to obtain a medicinal marijuana card that allows you to buy weed from the little shops all around Los Angeles, and there is a doctor on site who determines whether a prescription for marijuana is needed. The guy I talked to wouldn’t give me any of the qualifying criteria; he said I’d have to go in the little room and talk to the doctor myself. No thanks.

Medicinal Marijuana Addiction

Later that day I got to thinking, and then to looking online for more information. Is the weed they sell to people who have “a medical need” for it different than the weed that I can buy from my neighborhood guy? Does their version of marijuana affect you differently? And is it stronger?

There are various strands of the drug that are sold under all sorts of names. I learned that it’s not necessarily a stronger or weaker thing, although the component of weed that gets you high (THC) can have higher or lower concentrations, it’s more of a desired-effect thing.

For example, Sativa, the “upper” version of medicinal marijuana, causes more energetic effects while Indica, the “downer” version of medicinal marijuana, causes more sedated and relaxed effects. It seems there is a strand of marijuana for whatever a user is in the mood to experience that day.

With all this new information I wanted to know if medicinal marijuana addiction is possible.

When doing some online research, it seems that studies show that marijuana is not physically addictive, although it does change the user’s brain chemistry. I guess whether medicinal or not, marijuana is more psychologically addictive than physical.

I wonder if those who smoke a lot of weed can feel any physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop. If so, then could it not be argued that the drug does have an element of possible physical addiction? Is there such a thing as marijuana withdrawal?

I’ll assume that those who do smoke weed a lot do not care too much.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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