Mayor Bloomberg Decrees Medical Marijuana As A Hoax
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06-19-13 Category: Drug Rehab


“Medical, my ***!” he says, “There’s no medical. This is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.”

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg speaks out about medical marijuana on WOR radio (according to CBS New York.)

Bloomberg does not believe that weed is ever medically necessary, but a survey shows that 76% of doctors worldwide disagree with the mayor: the majority think that marijuana is helpful in treating some medical conditions.

What side are you on?

Medical marijuana is a hoax, or pot can be appropriate for certain illnesses and ailments? What about legalization for recreational use like Colorado and Washington have decided to do?

The topic will probably always be debated without a definitive resolution, but what about a city like New York? A mayor completely disagreeing with a policy that’s being adopted in the state (the marijuana decriminalization bill), will Bloomberg’s opinion be heard, or does his viewpoint have some catching up to do?

Bloomberg argues that dependency on marijuana will happen whether it’s used recreationally or for medical treatment purposes. He also argues that current pot dealers have financial responsibilities and families to feed, so if there is not illegal weed for them to be selling, they will resort to dealing other, more dangerous drugs. Really?

Maybe, but what does that have to do with the people who really benefit from marijuana for a medical condition?

Medical Uses

For people with terminal diseases, who can have a higher quality of life with the use of medical marijuana, what’s the harm? Many cancer patients have little to no appetite. Marijuana can decrease nausea and increase the desire to eat again. Is that bad?

What about the young people, though, who seek medical marijuana for anxiety. Is the quality of life really being enhanced enough to justify the use of a drug?

The questions can go on and on, and the debate will no doubt continue. What side are you on?

Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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