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04-30-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Ken Seeley presents a guest lecture through Sovereign Health’s Treatment Podcast helping to explain ‘When To Intervene’. Ken Seeley lays out the ground work for setting up an intervention and how to get an addict to seek treatment.

Ken Seeley is certified as a board registered Interventionist and is best known for his appearances on Intervention, the Emmy award winning television program on A&E.  Ken Seeley is also the author of Face It And Fix It a book dealing with the struggles  of denial that occur with increased amount of substance abuse,  and how one can take steps to conquer addiction.

Ken Seeley is a regular contributor on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and A&E television programs in relation to addiction and recovery from addiction.

This podcast deals with the intricacies of when the right time to intervene is and how that plays into the role of recovery from addiction.  If you want to know more about interventionist Ken Seeley you can find him on Facebook.


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