Kelly Osbourne Uses Exercie To Help Fight Cicodin Addiction
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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Kelly Osbourne transformed her lifestyle through exercise and a healthy diet to help fight a Vicodin addiction that almost took her life.

It seems that there is always a new report of some celebrity being addicted to something. I don’t think it’s news to anyone who pays attention to the alcohol and drug use of famous people that Kelly Osbourne was heavily into partying, drinking, and doing drugs.

Lately, she has been hosting awards shows and she appears regularly on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos. It seems she has gotten herself clean and she is keeping her life together.

It wasn’t so true for her for many years. She came out and told the world that she started taking opiatesat age 13 after being prescribed Vicodin when she got her tonsils taken out. When she started going to clubs at age sixteen and she was offered the drug, she started taking it regularly. She admitted to taking six pills to start each day, and eventually she was taking up to fifty pills a day, which should have caused an overdose.

Kelly Osbourne Vicodin Addiction

When her parents, Sharon and Ozzy, discovered the extent of her drug use, they sent her to rehab. It took three different stints of rehab for Kelly to get clean, but she did it.

Kelly now follows a workout routine and healthy eating schedule that keeps her from relapsing. Signing up for Dancing With the Stars allowed Kelly to lose weight while also adopting a strict workout routine. Her time on the show also revealed to her the errors of her eating habits. She said she was physically ill after long workouts because she was continuing to eat fatty foods that were not giving her any nutrients or energy,

Kelly continues to exercise and says that her routine is based on what makes her feel best. Although drug addiction and her risk of relapse are part of her reality, she is clean because she has found a way to feel good without having to take a pill.
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Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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