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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Allegedly Justin Bieber smokes weed and is potentially dealing with marijuana addiction.

Another celebrity is smoking marijuana and allowing pictures to be taken while doing it. Why would you let people take pictures of you doing something illegal? You know it’s going to get out and people will see those pictures.

Is it surprising to you that Justin Bieber is potentially addicted to marijuana? Reports surfaced recently that Justin was at a party and was seen smoking joints with other party goers.

I looked at the pictures, of course, along with everyone else who heard about Justin Bieber smoking weed. First things first though, he’s eighteen, almost nineteen and he’s hanging out with people his age. He is trying things that guys his age try, but he just so happens to be one of the biggest stars in music at this moment in time. Why does the press jump to a marijuana addiction? Can the kid just be smoking weed at a party?

Secondly, how can anyone prove that the “joint” seen in Justin’s hand in the pictures contains weed? It could a personally rolled tobacco cigarette. Justin has never been confirmed to have been smoking weed, so all of the gossip magazines and websites are definitely milking these pictures that someone Justin thought was a friend sold for $25,000.

Justin Beiber Marijuana Addiction

Another side to this story is that there is a Justin Bieber look-alike who smokes a lot of marijuana. Pictures of him smoking have been mistaken for Justin, and the press runs with the story. Overall, let the kid live his life. He will learn from his mistakes and experiences.

The actual problem that has come from all of this controversy is bigger than whether Justin Bieber is smoking weed. The true concern is that a group of teens have come out claiming to be cutting themselves in an effort to stop “The Biebs” from smoking marijuana. Are these people serious? Are young girls really cutting their arms to get Justin’s attention?

Overall this is just another Hollywood topic of conversation with hopes of high attention and subsequent sales.
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