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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

I was curious about methamphetamine, so I tried it. The problem: you don’t really just try meth. I felt amazing after the first line. I wanted more. I was hooked from the first night.

I was high any time I could be. It was affordable, easy to get, and an amazing rush. I would get really high and all my homework done, then spend hours doing stuff. I was fine…until I wasn’t.

I am here to tell you that my meth use became a problem, and led to a meth addiction. For me. For my friends. For anyone who uses it. It’s crazy.

I experienced almost all of the drug’s side effects: I was irritable when I wasn’t high, my mood was unpredictable and all over the place, I was paranoid thinking people were watching me, I had no interest in eating, I wasn’t sleeping right, if at all, and I was shaky almost all the time.

I’m lucky I stopped when I did and got checked into a methamphetamine treatment center. My consequences are small compared to a lot of meth users. I have friends who got deep into meth and are now HIV positive, or dead, or in jail, or are still severely addicted. A good friend of mine got sexually assaulted by a guy who thought was owed money. She was hurt badly and ended up being pregnant. Another guy I used to smoke meth with is now in a mental institution for schizophrenia and hallucinations.
 Methamphetamine use is a real problem. I am writing because I think I want to work in a rehab. I want to help people who use meth like I did; who don’t know how to stop.

I don’t want to see young people suffer from this addiction. I want to talk to the young girl that I once was and warn her of the consequences before she even tries meth. “Binge and crash” weekends will get you nowhere. You think you are all just having fun and letting loose, but you are causing irreversible physical damage, and you are essentially asking for bad things to happen in your life.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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