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01-21-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Los Angeles




Sovereign Health is a leading drug rehab treatment center in Los Angeles, California providing dual diagnosis treatment approach to treat a variety of substance abuse problems. Sovereign Health can provide personalized treatment for people battling opiate addiction, methamphetamine addiction, club drug addictions, marijuana addiction, Xanax addiction, K2/spice addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, Vicodin addiction and alcohol addiction. We offer a number of unique approaches to drug rehab treatment including our brain wellness program, brain cognitive testing and newly created T.E.A.M. (technology enhanced aftercare monitoring) program. Cognitive rehabilitation and biofeedback can make a difference when it comes to keeping people healthy. Drug rehab is perfect for people who are ready and willing to get the help they need. Sovereign’s dual diagnosis approach lets people get treatment not only for their drug addiction, but also for the mental health issues that are often connected to addiction.
Sovereign gives people the tools they need to avoid relapse prevention and to achieve long term sobriety. Sovereign is a residential rehab, and our serene location helps relax people and focus on the treatment and therapy they are receiving. Sobriety success stories are common place at Sovereign Health and you can watch videos over at our YouTube page. There you can get real answers from real people about what to expect from drug rehabilitation.
If you’re looking to stay up to date on news and information regarding drug addiction and drug rehab please check out our recovery blog.
Listen to Rob’s first hand account about how Sovereign Health’s drug rehab treatment center helped him with his opiate addiction:

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Our Los Angeles drug rehab facility is located at:
Sovereign Health Drug Rehab – Los Angeles County

6167 Bristol Pkwy Culver City, CA 90230

(424) 207-2220 – (866) 629-0442
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