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11-14-12 Category: Drug Rehab

A friend of mine, let’s call him Sam, has a relationship with Vicodin. He has gone into times of abusing it as a drug, but he has a legit prescription for it because of a chronic back issue.

He took it as prescribed for a while, and it managed his pain but then he slowly started taking more and more each day.

Now he gets high and plays video games at home for hours on end, in what i call a zombie-like state. He loves his Vicodin, but I am starting to worry, and wonder if he has a Vicodin addiction.

I looked into it because I love Sam and I want to help him learn and understand what he’s doing to his body and his brain.

I found out that Vicodin is a man-made form of pain medication, similar to heroin. Basically, Vicodin is a pill form of the drug that junkies inject into their veins. And you are putting that into your body… a lot?

I also read that certain things are called “risk factors” for Vicodin addiction that doctors use to assess someone’s drug use. Here’s the list:

  1. predetermined genetic stuff based on your ancestors,
  2. kidney and liver problems, and overall health issues, and
  3. the history of the person’s drug abuse, medical drug use, and mental health.

The information stated that prescription drug treatment starts with a full detoxification. In a lot of the facilities, the staff decide what medication is best suited to assist in the individual’s withdrawal.

I would like Sam to know what he is doing when he thinks he’s just swallowing some pills that he really enjoys.

His Vicodin addiction could be causing him irreversible damage that he’ll regret later in life. I want to help him have all of the information.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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