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01-15-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Methamphetamine is a contributing factor in 50-70% of property crimes reported in the United States every year.

As the most addictive drug there is, it comes as no surprise that methamphetamine is a factor in 50-70% of property crimes.

Meth use can keep a person awake for days at a time. The stimulant drug’s use for hours and days on end causes insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, mood swings, and violent behavior. In what is known as the “tweaking” stage of meth use, these effects lead to actual property crimes.

Someone who uses meth just once can become addicted. Think about what that really means: an individual can try meth and from that moment on, feel the need to use it regularly. So if we play the tape forward, so to speak, this individual spends money on meth, uses meth more and more frequently and eventually at higher doses. He or she will inevitably run out of money to pay for the drug.

Crimes And Methamphetamine

What happens next? Borrow money from friends and family members. When that is exhausted? Steal money and goods to pay for your drug habit. Subsequently, property crime increases from just this one person, and it is estimated that about a million and a half people use methamphetamine every year (April 2006 SAMHSA report using 2004 data.)

If even half of those 1.4 million meth users commit one property crime in a year, that is a lot of damage caused just by those needing money to fund a meth addiction. Robbery, burglary, domestic violence, identity theft, and assault are the crimes contributed to meth use, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, or the DEA, reports that the bulk of the 50-70% of property crimes that are tied to methamphetamine use are committed by those under the influence of the drug, not as much those just seeking money for the drug.

And what is the realistic likelihood that one property crime will not lead to many more by the same meth addict?

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Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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