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06-05-13 Category: Drug Rehab, Mental Health

Sovereign Health’s treatment centers provide blended programs to its patients.  Blended programs are designed to tackle the multiple, interactive, issues that patients face making their treatment more individualized and likely to succeed.

Like all treatment centers, Sovereign Health are often must explain what makes it different and what makes it stand out from the crowd.  While there are many answers to this question, the most important one is its “blended program.”

A blended treatment program is one that combines many different types of program features, and in Sovereign’s case different programs, into one larger program that seeks to treat a variety of issues facing a client, and not just one.  Blended programs are designed to address the myriad of issues that clients face, since mental and behavioral health issues are rarely straightforward.  Blended programs bring teams from different backgrounds and focuses together to solve these difficult issues.

Three Primary Treatment Programs

Sovereign Health has three distinct primary treatment programs: Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health and Eating Disorders.  Each of these programs is designed to specifically target the issues faced by clients in these areas.  However, many behavioral health patients can’t be easily put into one of these categories and may have problems that span multiple groups.  One of the benefits of having a blended program is the ability to really cater to these types of patients.  While having core programs is still important in order to focus on key clinical issues, having a blended program allows a program like Sovereign’s to effectively treat a patient’s multiple critical issues, especially if they interact with each other.

Blended programs allow treatment organizations to not only deal with complex clinical issues better, but also allow programs to reach out to more patients and families.  With a blended program, a treatment center looks at all the issues a patient faces and manages each of the clinical issues, both independently and interactively.  Since the interaction of different clinical issues effects most patients, hence we now to refer to most of those who use substances as “Dual Diagnosis” cases, having blended programs allows for better care of this sensitive population.

Sovereign Health Group is proud to provide a blended treatment program as a standard part of its treatment program and its mission to provide the highest quality behavioral health care.

Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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