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10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Sovereign Health is proud to announce that its ground breaking aftercare program T.E.A.M. (Technologically Enhanced Aftercare Monitoring) has been selected for presentation at the Annual World EAP Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Case management, client feedback, psycho-education, facilitation of community resources and nuero-cognitive enhancement are all integrated into the TEAM program. TEAM was created to help clients succeed in the challenging aftercare process and continue their smooth recovery and reintegration. T.E.A.M.’s overall goal is to provide patients the assistance and support they need to ensure a full recovery.

Aftercare Program T.E.A.M.

Miles Murdaugh and Jared Friedman of Sovereign Health will present a one hour presentation on the TEAM project at the annual World EAP Conference. The genesis of the TEAM project, research regarding the importance of aftercare, and the effectiveness of “distance” aftercare (when coordinated with phone or Internet contact)  will all be covered during the presentation. Aftercare is an ever changing part of the rehabilitation process and Sovereign Health believes it’s really taken a step forward with their technology based TEAM program. The technology aspect of the aftercare program allows patients to maintain connection with counselors at Sovereign Health and adds another level of security and comfort in their transition back to society.

Sovereign Health hopes you join in their excitement in the advancements being created in the mental health field and the innovative solutions the TEAM program has been providing. Patient care is the ultimate priority at Sovereign Health and the TEAM program helps to strengthen the tradition of successful and innovative addiction treatments.  Sovereign Health handles a number of mental health issues, substance abuse problems and eating disorders. Sovereign Health is proud and thankful to be afforded the opportunity to present the TEAM program and celebrate the improvements it will hopefully bring to the field of mental health and in particular aftercare.

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