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Addiction Rehab And Recovery Center

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Addiction Rehab And Recovery Center

Drug Rehab Center : Dealing with substance abuse can be difficult on one’s own. Without treatment and support from professionals, succumbing to a substance is imminent. With professional treatment, an individual can start off toward a sober future.

One of the issues many people face with substance abuse is addictive substances being everywhere in society from media to over the counter. This can make it difficult to beat an addiction on one’s own. Since most addictive substances are proven to re-wire the brain, thus creating a legitimate dependence on the substance, the cravings only increase in severity and frequency.

Soon, the individual cannot function in daily activities without the substance. At a drug rehabilitation center such as those offered through the Sovereign Health Group, the patient is provided with the individualized treatment plan he or she needs to beat the addiction. Through therapy, other treatment methods and support, patients are able to re-enter society and start a new life in the aftermath of addiction. Do not hesitate to seek treatment today.

If you or a loved one struggles with drug abuse or addiction, then it might be time to consider treatment at one of the Sovereign Health Group’s drug addiction rehab facilities. According to a 2013 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an estimated 24.6 million Americans over the age of 12 have a substance abuse problem or addiction involving drugs and other illicit substances. While, in 2014 it was found that only 2.5 million people out of more than 21 million people aged 12 and older, received the addiction treatment they needed.

Treatment is available but many do not seek it. People may not understand the danger of attempting to go cold turkey on one’s own, as an un-monitored withdrawal process is intense and even harmful to one’s health. An active addiction alters the personality, transforms the individual and dominates the daily life of the addicted individual.

While substance abuse can kill, an individual can reduce the risk and enrich his or her life by entering rehabilitation. The Sovereign Health Group treats patients holistically, incorporating programs for improving the mental, physical, social and emotional health in patients; including the physical withdrawal that accompanies conquering an addiction.

Sovereign Health of California has been at the forefront of treating prescription drug addiction. Our four California facilities – San Clemente, Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Rancho San Diego (adolescent program) – have developed prescription drug abuse treatment programs that tackle the physical addiction and the psychological factors fueling it.

Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab And Recovery

Sovereign Health creates a treatment plan unique to each patient who is in need of prescription drug addiction rehab and recovery. During the intake process, we thoroughly assess each patient. This assessment has a two-fold purpose. First, because many individuals addicted to powerful drugs such as prescription opioids may have an underlying mental health issue, the assessment provides our clinicians with a complete mental and physical health workup of the patient. Second, this assessment provides the blueprint for the individualized treatment plan. Treatment that fails to address underlying conditions is ineffective and does the patient a disservice.

Before patients enter our care, staff clinicians will lay out a personalized treatment regimen. We draw from a holistic mix of evidence-based and alternative therapies. Available therapies vary by location, but can include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Process group therapy
  • Psychosocial and biopsychosocial assessment
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse education groups
  • Brain wellness

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Sovereign Health Group is a residential rehabilitation treatment provider that has programs and services devoted to mental health conditions. To learn more about our continuum of care, speak with one of our expert treatment consultants and begin the journey to recovery today!

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