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Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards admits using heroin

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Ryan Edwards admits using heroin

Best known for starring in MTV reality show “Teen Mom OG (TMOG),” Ryan Edwards is in the news again. The reality show star is known to have struggled with substance abuse in the past for which he was enrolled in a rehab, but many fans are unaware of his drug of choice. In the latest episode of the reality show, he admitted that he was abusing heroin for a long time.

The much-awaited confession came during a legal custody arrangement of his eight-year-old son Bentley with Edwards’ baby mama Maci Bookout. In order to obtain legal visitation rights to his child, he is required to pass the drug tests. Evidently, in consultation with a lawyer over the phone, Edwards had confessed to using heroin while explaining his rehab stay.

Maci had earlier shared her fears about Edwards’ addiction issues and revealed that the situation was way more serious than how it appeared on the screen. In June 2017, he had sought treatment for unspecified substance-related disorders at an in-patient rehab center weeks after marrying Mackenzie Standifer. The star had earlier sought treatment at an outpatient rehab in December 2012, but it had lasted only a week before relapsing.

Heroin, an addictive opioid

Available as a white or brown powder or a black sticky substance, heroin is commonly known by the names of horse, smack, hell dust and big H, among others. A Schedule I substance, heroin has a high potential for abuse as it can quickly bind to opioid receptors in the brain and produce a sense of euphoria. The drug can be injected, sniffed, snorted or smoked and has currently no acceptable medical use in the U.S. To make it more potent, heroin is often mixed with drugs like crack cocaine, a practice called speedballing.

In 2016, an estimated 948,000 people (aged 12 or older) in the United States used heroin in the past year with an estimated 0.6 million people suffering from a heroin use disorder. It is a drug that is relatively inexpensive, but high in availability and purity.

Heroin abuse can cause low blood pressure, slowed heart rate and breathing, and even coma. It can also lead to a number of serious health conditions, including fatal overdose, liver or kidney diseases and infectious diseases, among others. Owing to its addictive nature and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, it is advisable to seek professional heroin addiction treatment in California at certified rehab centers.

Seek treatment for heroin addiction

Similar to any other life-threatening illnesses, treatment for addiction needs to be sought at a certified facility under professional care. A leading addiction treatment provider, Sovereign Health of California provides its patients with comprehensive, individualized and evidence-based treatment for drug-related disorders, including heroin addiction. The treatment for heroin addiction at California-based centers of Sovereign Health include cognitive remediation, neurofeedback, nutritionally assisted detox, psychosocial and biopsychosocial assessment and relapse prevention. In addition to traditional therapies, we also offer experiential therapies, such as equine therapy, music therapy, expressive arts therapy, yoga, meditation and many others.

At Sovereign Health, patients are provided the necessary treatment basis their medical history and the severity of symptoms. For more information on our therapeutic intervention plans or to locate out state-of-the-art treatment centers, call our admission specialist at our 24/7 helpline number. You can also chat online with a representative for any further assistance.

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