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Air Force records show airmen guarding American nukes used LSD off duty
06-04-18 Category: Drug Abuse

Air Force records show airmen guarding American nukes used LSD off duty

Some Air Force service members at F.E. Warren Air Force Base have been accused of using lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or acid off duty, according to the records obtained by the Associated Press (AP). What led to the discovery was a slip up on the social media by one of the airmen – in March 2016, one of them posted a Snapchat video of himself smoking marijuana.

In the Air Force investigation that followed, though none of the airmen was accused of using acid on duty, 14 were disciplined, of which six were court-martialed for using and/or distributing the drug, two were acquitted and three other suspects were not charged.

As per the records obtained by AP through the Freedom of Information Act, the airmen used, bought and distributed LSD and other mind-altering illegal drugs in 2015 and 2016 as part of a drug-ring operating on a highly secure military base. According to the Air Force investigators, those implicated in the case had consumed LSD, both on and off base, and at least twice at outdoor gatherings. The investigators also discovered the involvement of civilians during the LSD use. Although the airmen acknowledged using LSD off-duty, it remains unclear how long before the duty the airmen had consumed LSD.

A powerful hallucinogen, LSD is known to cause unpredictable effects among its users. Some of the effects are delusions and visual hallucinations. When high on LSD, also called an “acid trip,” users may experience effects similar to psychosis, such as visual hallucinations and altered time perception.

‘Alleged drug abuse happened off duty’

Most of the airmen involved were responsible for the security and defense of the nuclear weapons at F.E. Warren and the missile complex and belonged to the 90th Security Forces Squadron and the 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron. Those accused belonged to the 90th Missile Wing that operates one-third of the missiles that stands “on alert.” Owing to their role in securing these weapons, the airmen were supposed to be on strict behavioral standards.

During the investigations, Airman 1st Class Nickolos A. Harris, who was found to be the leader of the drug ring, had admitted in his testimony to using and distributing LSD to fellow airmen at parties and other locations. Harris had also confessed to have simply loved the mind-altering effects of the drug. For his offenses, Harris was sentenced to 12 months in jail and levied with other penalties. During their trial, while some airmen confessed to enjoying the acid trip, some felt paranoia and panic. According to one of the airmen who had happened to have a “bad trip” in 2016, he felt that he was dying and wondered when the trip would end.

According to an Air Force spokesman, Lt. Col. Uriah L. Orland, there are multiple checks to ensure that airmen on duty are not under the influence of addictive substances and are able to execute their mission securely and effectively. As per him, the alleged drug activity took place off duty.

Treatment for LSD addiction

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