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Drug Abuse
Studies cite benefits of marijuana in reducing opioid use and misuse
04-05-18 Category: Drug Abuse, Marijuana, Opioid

As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage the United States claiming thousands of innocent lives year after year, the fight against prescription drug abuse is gaining a new momentum. Various measures have been taken to combat the crisis that claims 115 lives each day – issuing opioid prescription guidelines for pain management, and urging physicians […]

Role of urine test in contingency management therapy
03-12-18 Category: Drug Abuse, Treatment

Contingency management, a behavioral therapy used for treating substance abuse, encourages behavioral changes like abstinence from alcohol and drugs by providing stimulus like control and positive reinforcement to meet the treatment goals. To reinforce abstinence from addictive substances, various drug-screening procedures are used and the goal is to detect all the instances of target drug. […]

Bath salts becoming a larger threat across US
02-27-18 Category: Drug Abuse

In downtown Indianapolis, up to 25 individuals reportedly overdosed on synthetic drugs in a shelter for homeless men in early February 2018. Two individuals were arrested for allegedly providing bath salts or spice, which may have been laced with phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (PCP), to the inmates of the Wheeler Mission homeless shelter. In late February 2018, in […]

Manchester University professor receives grant to research bath salts
02-09-18 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse

A Manchester University (MU) assistant professor has received the New Investigator Award, which consists of a $10,000 grant, to conduct research on the metabolism of bath salts. Diane Calinski, who teaches pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics at the MU, has been awarded the grant for the “Evaluation of Cytochrome P450-Mediated Metabolism of the Synthetic Cathinones.” Funded […]

‘Lax enforcement, permissive rhetoric and media’ responsible for drug misuse issues in US, says AG Sessions
02-08-18 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has blamed media and “permissive rhetoric” for drug misuse issues in the United States. He said this while delivering a speech on Feb.6, 2018 at the Heritage Foundation event. Sessions also talked about his marijuana and drug enforcement moves as part of a list of things being done to “restore the […]

Implementation of behavioral principles increases effectiveness of contingency management therapy
02-07-18 Category: Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction Treatment

Contingency management therapy, a path-breaking treatment used for substance use disorders (SUDs), is based on the finding that healthy habits can be developed by rewarding or reinforcing such behaviors. The commonly used reinforcement methods include tangible incentives like vouchers, prizes, free housing and direct payments that assist in developing target behaviors in patients, such as […]

Antipsychotic drugs being overprescribed in nursing homes, finds study
02-07-18 Category: Depression, Drug Abuse, Psychiatry

Lenora Cline, 88, has literally been confined to her bed in a nursing home in Whittier, California. Struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, Lenora needs constant attention and care, prompting the nursing home staff to put her on powerful antipsychotic medications without prior intimation. However, when Laurel Cline, who visits her twice a day, questioned the medical […]

Prescription drug abuse among seniors is invisible epidemic in US
12-18-17 Category: Depression, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse

Developing an addiction to a prescription medication with the passage of time is not something unheard of. But, the effects of such an addiction on Americans over the age of 65 can outweigh the impact of any drug dependence widespread among younger adults. Experts say that the likelihood of an elderly succumbing to the adverse […]

Stop marketing snortable chocolate Coco Loko, it is an alternative to illegal street drugs, FDA tells manufacturer
12-14-17 Category: cocaine, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse

FDA denies snortable chocolate Coco Loko as In a bid to curb drug abuse and control rising addiction rates, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned Orlando-based Legal Lean to discontinue marketing snortable chocolate Coco Loko, saying it is an illegal alternative to street drugs which is endangering public health. The snortable chocolate powder […]

How an Australian became ecstasy manufacturer
12-13-17 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse

While many might envy Steven Spaliviero’s flamboyant lifestyle – comprising expensive cars, glamorous women and sailing on yachts – only a few would know that the handsome Australian mastered the craft of making ecstasy behind the bars. Locked up in a prison cell in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Spaliviero learnt how to cook huge quantities […]

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