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03-16-17 Category: Depression

Living in a socio-cultural set-up where the mere expression of vulnerability is viewed as a sign of weakness often tends to heighten the stigma surrounding depression. In fact, even near and dear ones, including family members, often don’t prioritize depression treatment as they would in the case of physical illnesses.

Eight years ago, Adam, then 43, was admitted to a hospital for experiencing regular suicidal thoughts triggered by harrowing bouts of despair and despondency, something which he had never gone through before. However, after spending considerable time on antidepressants along with cognitive therapy, the hotelier from Santa Clara, California, finally recovered but was in for a rude shock when he realized that his wife Elsa and other family members were altogether unresponsive and impassive to the mental agony he suffered.

Sadly, the family members never saw depression as a serious health concern as they were not aware of the existence of such a malady. Moreover, they believed that depression wasn’t something which could afflict men. Whenever he would stay away from family and friends for long periods, they would often dismiss it as a trivial matter. Resorting to alcohol as an attempt to self-medicate further exacerbated the problem. This was probably the reason why they couldn’t spot the symptoms till Adam was hospitalized. Moreover, his family masked his hospitalization due to depression as a minor physical health ailment.

Despite the fact that social stigma associated with depression has diminished over the years, the truth is that mental health problems continue to claim millions of lives. It is sad that society paints an inaccurate picture of mental ailments, thus depriving it of the crucial attention that it deserves.

Depression is not viewed as a chronic condition

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the United States. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than 16 million people aged 18 years or older had at least one major depressive episode (MDE) in the previous year.

Despite the availability of several effective treatments, the stigma of being branded as a weak person prevents many from overcoming mental illness through professional help. However, the help and support of family members go a long way in reducing the stigma associated with the mental disorder.

Health professionals have given tips on how to deal with mental illness: managing mental illness on the same lines as in the case of other chronic diseases, which demand a thorough mental health diagnosis; regular check-ups; monitoring of treatment adherence including effectiveness and spreading awareness on the disorder to patients and their families.

Above all family members need to be supportive of their loved ones’ efforts to seek treatment, instead of downplaying them. Accepting the fact that they are facing challenges and acknowledging their struggles is another way to encourage them to seek treatment. Additionally, ensuring they get sufficient sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise would further strengthen their desire to overcome mental depression.

Sovereign Health can help

Depression must be nipped in the bud or else it can be devastating. Do not let it grow to an extent where there is no scope for recovery. The Sovereign Health provides treatments for all kinds of mental health disorders as well as any underlying health condition.

Sovereign Health of San Clemente, California offers a variety of customized mental health treatment programs suited to treat the person holistically. Patients can opt for individual and group psychotherapy or alternative therapeutic activities to regain control of their lives.

It’s sad that many people fail to recognize the symptoms of depression. Whether you are looking for mental illness treatment centers in California or at a place closer home, we have facilities in all major places in the U.S. Our residential mental health facilities in California are among the best in the country. Call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 819-0427 or chat online to know about the causes of depression and most effective recovery programs to treat them at the earliest.

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