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Common prescription drugs can double the risk of death by stroke, finds study
02-19-18 Category: Depression

Common prescription drugs used to treat allergies, heart disease and Parkinson’s can increase chances of dying from a stroke. According to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Aberdeen, people using drugs with anticholinergic properties are about 60 percent more vulnerable to stroke. The study team examined the risk of stroke in 22,000 […]

Antipsychotic drugs being overprescribed in nursing homes, finds study
02-07-18 Category: Depression, Drug Abuse, Psychiatry

Lenora Cline, 88, has literally been confined to her bed in a nursing home in Whittier, California. Struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, Lenora needs constant attention and care, prompting the nursing home staff to put her on powerful antipsychotic medications without prior intimation. However, when Laurel Cline, who visits her twice a day, questioned the medical […]

Prescription drug abuse among seniors is invisible epidemic in US
12-18-17 Category: Depression, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse

Developing an addiction to a prescription medication with the passage of time is not something unheard of. But, the effects of such an addiction on Americans over the age of 65 can outweigh the impact of any drug dependence widespread among younger adults. Experts say that the likelihood of an elderly succumbing to the adverse […]

Amazonian psychedelic drug can treat depression and alcoholism, finds study
11-22-17 Category: Depression

Ayahuasca, a powerful plant-based psychedelic potion brewed by indigenous South American tribes in the Amazonian region, could be the key to treating alcoholism and depression, suggests a recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Exeter and the University College London (UCL). The study findings were published online in the journal […]

09-29-17 Category: Depression

It was just another day in Oct. 2004 when Noel Braun’s wife Maris told him of her plans to meet a friend to exchange some books. Noel instinctively knew that his wife was lying; the first time in 42 years of their marriage. When Maris left home, Noel had a “dreadful apprehension” of the impending […]

09-08-17 Category: Depression

Being devoured by the demons of severe depression or hopelessness is similar to being harrowed by a deep-rooted pounding headache, which saps away the vigor and vitality of afflicted individuals. It is a grim experience where even the faintest thought emerges as a tempestuous battle. Needless to say, under such circumstances, death to distress becomes […]


All individuals go through bouts of stress and anxiety from time to time, but for teens, who face hurdles while transitioning from their school years to the challenges of university life, the college environment and surroundings, fear of the unexpected, frequent occasions of stress, and other uncommon experiences can greatly increase the risk of developing […]

08-17-17 Category: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Stress

“My four-year-old son is queer,” posted a distraught mother on social media. “He loves wearing dresses and dabbling with lipstick.” Her posts attracted all kinds of reactions from empathetic people and strict traditionalists. In fact, a majority of the responses reflected the society’s rigid conventions about gender-nonconforming children, which have made them an object of […]

08-09-17 Category: Depression, Depression rehab

Veterans often have to work in tough and challenging places in times of conflict. There are many such servicemen in the United States who have fought valiantly in different wars, sometimes to protect the nation and at others to defend beliefs. However, what all of them share is the experience of sacrifice, constant travel and […]

06-21-17 Category: Depression, Mental Health

Remember that popular number of Tom Douglas and Steve Seskin – “I don’t know why, they say grown men don’t cry?” Whatever prompted the two to write the song, but it certainly questions the reasoning behind this belief that has been passed to us for generations. Effectively, it translates into the perception that men can’t […]