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03-02-17 Category: Chronic Pain, Therapy

Pain causes physical discomfort that can continue if not treated timely. According to the National Centers for Health Statistics (NCHS), roughly 76.2 million Americans suffer from pain during any given year. Some of the common reasons for chronic pain can be osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, stomach ulcers, AIDS and gallbladder diseases.

Pain is the primary reason for the rising opioid use and abuse in the United States. According to a recent study, educating people about exercise and coping skills through internet may be a more effective method in treating both pain and working of arthritic knees. The study, titled “Effectiveness of an Internet-Delivered Exercise and Pain-Coping Skills Training Intervention for Persons With Chronic Knee Pain: A Randomized Trial,” suggested that online therapy can go a long way in providing efficient, non-surgical relief to pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

In the study, published online in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine in February 2017, lead author Kim Bennell, a researcher and physiotherapist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, said, “Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of chronic knee pain and disability globally. It has a significant individual, societal and economic burden and on an individual level knee osteoarthritis causes loss of function, reduced quality of life, and psychological distress.”

The scientists also stressed on the need to include psychological treatment options like pain coping skills that help deal with manifestations of pain. Despite the effectiveness of such interventions, many of them have remained underutilized because of difficulties in obtaining services of specialists, especially in rural areas, the study said. The trouble and uneasiness faced by patients also prevented them from accessing treatment.

Pain management goes digital

The scientists registered 148 participants, including men and women aged over 50 years, who had access to the internet and suffered from knee pain on most days of the week for the past three months. The respondents were divided into a treatment group and a control group and were given information about exercise and pain management for arthritis through internet services.

The respondents got access to PainCOACH program and were required to complete a module every week over eight weeks. The span of every module ranged between 35 and 45 minutes. This program included training in relaxation, problem-solving techniques by making use of pleasant images that can help push away negative thoughts and cope with unpleasant feelings of pain. Skype sessions with physical therapists were conducted for 12 weeks, with each lasting for an average of 30 to 45 minutes.

The respondents were required to share their pain management scores and experiences about the treatment at the initial phase of the study, then after three months and then again at nine months. The findings were important as they indicated the efficacy of “telemedicine” for treatment of chronic pain in patients who cannot walk to their therapists due to the strain involved.

Availing benefits of comprehensive chronic pain program

Incessant chronic pain can perpetuate disabilities in daily lives. The Chronic Pain Program at the Sovereign Health of California helps in detailed evaluation and treatment of underlying problems responsible for prolonged and critical pain. The experts involved help tackle various physical and psychosocial impact of chronic pain. As opposed to prescribing opioids or prescription medications to control and treat pain, patients learn about myriad healthy measures to control their pain.

Moreover, Sovereign Health also has an eTherapy program at all its treatment centers in California, which is available to patients enrolled in an outpatient program. This telehealth therapy is available via videoconferencing, where a patient can attend one-on-one counseling sessions from the comfort of his or her home and continue with the recovery process without any lapses.

If you or your loved one has become dependent on opioids in a bid to treat pain, it is imperative to seek our comprehensive pain program. Call our 24/7 helpline number (866) 819-0427 to know more about the pain treatment facilities in California that can help you lead a pain-free life without getting addicted to prescription medicines. You can also chat online to learn more about our eTherapy program from our certified treatment advisors.

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