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06-07-17 Category: Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Treatment

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has warned police officers and first responders of a new threat posed by the ongoing drug abuse crisis rampant across the country. Speaking at the headquarters of the DEA in Arlington, Virginia, on June 6, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg alerted law enforcement officers and paramedics nationwide about the dangers […]

05-23-17 Category: Addiction Treatment, Treatment

Ever since November 2016, when Californians voted to approve marijuana for recreational use, more and more women are taking to the drug. A recent report of Eaze, an on-demand medical marijuana delivery app, says that someone orders cannabis on the San Francisco-based company’s app every 30 seconds, and one in every three customers are a […]

Dual diagnosis: Reining in twin monsters of mental illness and addiction
05-01-17 Category: Dual Diagnosis, Treatment

The hand-in-glove association between mental illness and addiction is nothing unfamiliar. It’s a well-known fact that the two conditions exist because they feed on each other. It goes without saying that individuals experiencing bouts of depression often resort to an easy escape route to find relief from their agonizing state of mind. One cannot ignore […]

Job dissatisfaction can take heavy toll on one’s mental health
05-01-17 Category: Mental Illness, Treatment

“I’m tired of dealing with mean, resentful people who simply clamor for unrealistic solutions in a short span of time,” said Jonathan (name changed) of Anaheim, while speaking to his mother over the phone. It was the third time in last one week that Martha, 54, wasn’t feeling very good after speaking to her 32-year-old […]

04-25-17 Category: Substance Abuse, Treatment

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is maintaining strict vigilance on the multiple ports of entry along the southwestern border for signs of a new synthetic drug that’s being pushed into the United States by Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The deadly drug – fake oxycodone laced with fentanyl — has already claimed dozens of victims […]

Massage therapy can treat low back pain, says study
04-18-17 Category: Health, Treatment

Estimates suggest that about 100 million Americans grapple with chronic pain in their daily lives, leading to dependence on prescription opioids. Studies conducted by several national health agencies have found that lower back pain is the most common neurological ailment in the United States, followed by severe headaches or a migraine, neck pain and facial […]

Feud in forests: Confronting illegal cannabis growers in California’s countryside
04-13-17 Category: Marijuana, Treatment

Braving the early morning chill, a group of men in camouflage attire bearing logos of government agencies cautiously tiptoes through the rugged topography of remote stretches of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Plumas County. Traversing through the undulating landscape covered by lush evergreen pine forests, striving not to snap twigs or shake a pile […]

02-04-17 Category: Anxiety, Medicine, Treatment

Altruism is defined as the behavior of individuals that compels them to help others at their own expense. Studies have shown that altruism in animals is different from that in humans. Animal altruism has to do with one’s fitness or the ability to reproduce, while human altruism has to do with empathy. According to an […]

New treatment for depression targets inflammation
02-02-17 Category: Depression rehab, Research, Treatment

Depression can be debilitating and self-perpetuating. When depression symptoms are very severe, those affected may struggle with difficulty eating, sleeping and exercising and may isolate themselves from their loved ones. Unhealthy lifestyle habits only serve to make depression symptoms more intense and longer lasting. Sometimes medication can serve as a bridge back to health by […]

Probuphine update: Moving forward with training for healthcare providers
12-22-16 Category: Research, Treatment

P robuphine is a buprenorphine implant that is placed under the skin to treat people who are trying to break free of opioid dependence. The implant delivers a continuous dose of buprenorphine for a six-month period, according to a press release by Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the approval […]

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