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Depression is a universal problem regardless of a person’s gender, ethnicity or age. No one is immune to this pathological development. Depressive symptoms can be caused by a number of possibilities. However, the potential effects of depression can become a much more serious issue if suicidal ideation and self-harm come into play. In order to […]


When it comes to recovery, from either drugs or alcohol, there are a number of factors that contribute to a successful journey of self-management. While a consistent and focused attention to one’s goals is indeed important, the overall structure of recovery is not clearly defined. This is primarily because individuals react to treatment and post-addiction […]


A pertinent problem in the Golden State’s health care system is prescription fraud, as Californian professionals were responsible for about 3.9 million filled prescriptions in 2011. As defined in California Health and Safety Code 11173 HS, there is a form of prescription fraud where a person tries to access a prescription for controlled substances by […]


Drug use and addiction can have powerful effects on a person’s body and mind. However, these substances will most likely impact others, whether it is family, peers or anyone else in an individual’s social network. When this negative influence spreads, it can build into a public issue of concern. The United States has a long […]


When a person undergoes a transformation and commits to a sober lifestyle, the individual may become increasingly preoccupied with the resources he or she needs. However, an untapped therapeutic resource for many reforming addicts is the act of giving back. In fact, volunteerism within the recovery community is a long established tradition. In addition to […]


After adopting the biochemical model of medicine, the treatment field has made large advancements in the area of pharmaceuticals. This specialized science involves carefully crafting a synthetic solution for physical and psychological illnesses. By using the most up-to-date research as a guide for which chemicals perform certain functions in the body, scientists and clinicians prescribe […]


On the road to recovery, the slippery slope that leads off track and into relapse is littered with some common landmarks. A former addict may be exposed to a trigger at some point, which can lead to craving and eventually a full-blown recession into one’s old habits. Over decades of research aimed at improving the […]


During a morning routine between waking up and going to school, work or wherever the day takes someone, it is probable that pouring a cup of coffee is included in that morning schedule. This is true for an enormous proportion of the United States, as 82 percent of the population reports drinking the roasted bean […]


Diagnosing and treating those afflicted with addiction are the most prominent ways health care systems manage such a serious, universal problem. While these processes are indeed important, they are essentially solutions that only clean around the wound of worldwide drug dependency. To help heal a deep and widespread issue like this, a closer observation of […]


Throughout the last century of health care research and practice, a biological focus on the chemical precursors to illness has led to the development of many different drugs. Based on research and other empirical evidence, these clinically administered substances are specialized to treat specific diseases and disorders. However, areas of ambiguity still inhabit the vast […]

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