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US Navy launches study to determine if surfing can alleviate PTSD symptoms
03-15-18 Category: Therapy, Trauma

The sound of the waves has long been associated with soothing one’s mind. But there isn’t sufficient scientific evidence to support this claim. Now, the Navy has launched a $1 million research project to find out if surfing has any therapeutic benefits which could be harnessed to treat military personnel struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder […]

06-12-17 Category: Alcohol, Trauma

An acute feeling of anguish weighed heavy on her heart. Cold rivulets of sweat trickled down her forehead. Once again, she could feel one of those distressing panic attacks coming on, which caused her hands to tremble while she poured a large glass of vodka. Reliving painful memories of a turbulent past was something Amelia […]

Mental Health Programs For Cops
08-30-16 Category: Advocacy, Anxiety Treatment, Trauma

Orlando: 50 dead. Virginia Tech: 32 dead. Sandy Hook: 27 dead. Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) involve everyone in some way. Fortunately, most of us experience them via the 24-hour news cycle of cable news or the internet. We’re spared the horror of actually being present for a mass shooting or a bombing. However, the trauma […]

Self-defense training
06-23-16 Category: Empowerment, Recovery, Trauma

On average, 20 people per minute are victims of intimate partner violence in the United States. For men and women who have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse, learning how to defend themselves can be an important step on their path to recovery. Self-defense training is particularly beneficial for boosting self-confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem […]

Male victims of sexual abuse
06-15-16 Category: Advocacy, Coping, Trauma

Adam and Keith share their stories in a powerful video series that illustrates the deep emotional impact rape has on victims. This survivor series was funded by a Getty Images Creative Grant as part of a recent awareness campaign by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network to show that rape can happen to anyone […]

Using MDMA
06-10-16 Category: Depression rehab, Research, Trauma

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) – the active chemical component of ecstasy and Molly – is a powerful hallucinogenic that has acquired a popular reputation among young party-goers. However, preliminary research suggests that this club drug may someday become available at your local pharmacy as a treatment for certain psychological disorders. MDMA treatments for PTSD The Multidisciplinary Association […]

Trauma can affect memory
05-17-16 Category: Memory, Mental Health, Trauma

It was a horrifying case, made more so by its setting: a preschool. Hundreds of children sexually abused, and a long list of other unspeakable allegations: animal sacrifices, hidden tunnels, satanic rites and conspiracies. The McMartin preschool trial ran for six years, was the longest and most expensive criminal trial in U.S. history, and ended […]

03-08-16 Category: Mental Health, Trauma

Americans have been particularly sensitive to the threat of terrorism since the attacks on September 11, 2001. Recent shootings like the one in San Bernardino, California, have raised fears about domestic and homegrown terrorism amid struggles to make sense of how such things can happen. From a behavioral sciences perspective, terrorism is a “complex interplay […]

treating eating disorders
03-04-16 Category: Trauma, Treatment

A high prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma exists among patients with eating disorders, according to Timothy D. Brewerton, M.D., with the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Researchers have hypothesized that eating disorder behaviors develop as a way for these individuals to avoid certain traumatic memories, numb symptoms of hyperarousal and […]

domestic violence rates
01-29-16 Category: Trauma

Everyone knows domestic violence rates increase on Super Bowl Sunday right? Wrong. During the 1990s, reporters began quoting statistics about Super Bowl Sunday being the most dangerous day of the year for women in abusive relationships. It was said that due to the combination of alcohol and the aggression generated by watching football, men who […]

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