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05-27-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

Ian Curtis was the lead singer and lyricist for a band called Joy Division, an important and influential group that shaped the direction of punk music. He and the other band members emerged from the dreary, industrial landscape of Manchester, England. Seemingly fitting, Joy Division’s sound was also cold and dark with an underlying, emotional […]

05-26-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

When someone is a witness to bullying or abusive behavior, the incidents are strictly between the people involved, the aggressor and the victim. However, while this is true to a certain extent, the bigger picture of abuse is both multidimensional and chain-like in nature. The aggressor and the victim may not even be aware that […]

benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace
05-07-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

The month of May marks a time to re-evaluate wellness within one’s daily life. In the United States, the career-oriented goals that drive people’s busy schedules can add a substantial level of stress to already existing challenges. While ambition and personal tests can drive an individual to accomplish great things, especially in the workplace, excess […]

prison vs mental health institutions

This past April, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed a number of harsh issues that currently plague the United States. She particularly highlighted a connection between prisons and mental health care. Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, a calculated migration of people suffering from mental illness took place due to the tarnished reputation of long-stay […]

05-05-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

May is Mental Health Month and it was established by Mental Health America. The organization has over 65 years of experience in educating and offering other resources to the public about the various mental disorders and their respective challenges. For this year’s campaign, the message being promoted is “B4Stage4,” which refers to treating mental conditions […]

06-01-11 Category: Therapy

From:  A Therapist’s Notes: Self-Esteem, Relationships, Guilt and Other Messy, Complex Stuff Made Simpler Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Sarah Steinmeyer, Ph.D. A recent issue of The New Yorker features a cartoon in which a woman shopper, with an armload of garments, complains to the sales clerk, “I want that dressing room mirror fired!”  If […]

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