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12-01-17 Category: Mental Health Treatment, Recovery, Stress

Joanna was in her late 40s when she was diagnosed with HIV. She got the infection from her partner with whom she broke up the moment she found the test results positive. Her life changed ever since. A happy, vivacious and outgoing person transformed into a gloomy and negative woman. Like Joanna, there are millions […]

08-25-17 Category: Empowerment, Self Help, Stress

Former President Barack Obama once said in a statement, “Women’s equality is a core civil and human rights principle in the United States and around the world. Across America, women are contributing to our economy and our Nation in innovative and exciting ways. From businesses to battlefields, women are vital to the prosperity and security […]

08-17-17 Category: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Stress

“My four-year-old son is queer,” posted a distraught mother on social media. “He loves wearing dresses and dabbling with lipstick.” Her posts attracted all kinds of reactions from empathetic people and strict traditionalists. In fact, a majority of the responses reflected the society’s rigid conventions about gender-nonconforming children, which have made them an object of […]

California legislators propose bill to monitor veteran suicide rates
03-21-17 Category: Mental Health, Stress

American war veterans continue to live a life rife with unique challenges, fighting wars to safeguard national interests. As a result, many of them often struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Approximately 20 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis across the United States, reveals data from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a figure which […]

12-08-16 Category: Recovery, Stress

Though it is easy to focus on the stressful parts of the holidays when in recovery, many aspects of this season can be beneficial to the healing process. Family and friends can provide a supportive, loving environment that is conducive to mental health and sobriety. Large social networks have proven helpful to those in recovery. […]

12-01-16 Category: Alcohol Addiction, Stress

The combination of stressful holidays and difficult family members can create a tough mix to swallow. Recovering substance abusers can be prone to relapse in times of emotional difficulty. Experts provided numerous strategies for handling this time of year, such as thinking ahead, prioritizing obligations and other techniques. Peter R. Martin, M.D., a professor of […]

Brain circuits that help people cope with stress
11-28-16 Category: Coping, Research, Stress

Throughout our lives we are repeatedly exposed to different types of stress, from life events and experiences in our relationships, to school, work and home. Over time, adverse experiences and stress can add up, even to the point of having toxic consequences on our overall health and well-being. This buildup of adverse experiences and stress […]

Workaholics’ problems
09-12-16 Category: ADHD, Mental Health, Stress

It might be the one truly acceptable addiction. In the workplace, an alcoholic’s the one with a problem. They show up late, they look disheveled, there are rumors about their breath, about bottles found in the restroom trash, about behaviors at an office party. A workaholic? They might not be fun to be around, but […]

Floating in sensory deprivation
06-29-16 Category: Anxiety Treatment, Mental Health, Stress

The Western world is overstimulated. It is nearly impossible to sit alone in silence without any interruptions from people or electronics. With innovative technology, society is constantly connected and wired in. On one hand, it is great to be able to communicate with friends and family across the world, but on the other hand, it […]

chronic sleeplessness and substance abuse
03-09-16 Category: Stress, Substance Abuse

It’s a clawing desperation, lying sleepless in one’s bed. Punching pillows, crying dry tears, tossing and turning, knowing that with morning comes work meetings and school exams; being alert is as much of a necessity as putting pants on before leaving the house. More than 6 million Americans are affected by insomnia caused by drugs, […]

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