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Dealing with a great loss in one’s life is a significant event. For instances such as death, trauma can be a common response. Similarly, going through a romantic separation of any kind can go one of two ways. A couple will either split up with equal, consensual feelings or they will end on a more […]


Throughout the journey of life, there are times that signify major progress or monumental transition. Over the span of history, various cultures and societies have established specific rituals to commemorate the key moments of development. Also known as rites of passage, these rituals are fulfilled by communities in different ways. Some are public and celebratory, […]

06-23-15 Category: Addiction Treatment, Recovery, Therapy

Humankind is a reactive species. We respond to the elements of the world around us. Furthermore, people will react differently depending on how an experience is perceived. Some stimuli are thought of as punishments, while others are rewarding. The concept of operant conditioning supports that both positive and negative experiences can reinforce particular behaviors. While […]


High-functioning alcoholic: it sounds like an oxymoron. A person is stricken with the craving, withdrawal and tolerance that comes with a serious dependency to alcohol, but is still able to maintain other obligations like work, school and relationships. While these two structures of life seem mutually exclusive, many individuals practicing abusive behavior with beer, wine […]

06-15-15 Category: Recovery

The sayings may be trite, but they ring true: there is strength in numbers; birds of a feather, flock together; one arrow snaps yet a quiver is not easily broken. The support, education and fellowship of self help groups have saved hundreds of thousands from relapse and added sober, healthier years to many a life. […]

01-04-13 Category: Recovery

You’re officially invited to come out to Sovereign Health’s free networking luncheon events at our Orange County location and our Los Angeles location.  Join the Sovereign Health team and other treatment experts for a great lunch and the opportunity to share resources, field experiences and connect with other professionals.  Don’t forget to bring your marketing materials, to help promote […]

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