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potential drug could reverse memory
05-12-16 Category: Medicine, Mental Health, Recovery

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental disease that is characterized by visual or auditory hallucinations and false beliefs known as delusions. Other characteristics include poor speech, loss of interest and neurocognitive deficits that persist for at least six months. With the proper treatment and care, patients with schizophrenia have the potential to live a normal and […]

diet for mental health
05-09-16 Category: Mental Health, Nutrition, Recovery

“You are what you eat” is a phrase that has been around for ages and still holds true. Your diet can dramatically impact your body’s physiology, causing potential harm if you consume unhealthy food. Not only is the physical body affected, but the mind can also be affected. The Western diet is notorious for being […]

Hiking benefits mental health

The interconnectedness of mind, body and soul is a universal truth, yet a truth that is often lost in today’s compartmentalized society. Hiking is an easy way to reconnect all aspects of the self with nature, and doing so simply feels good. Scientists have discovered ways to explain exactly how and why hiking feels so […]

apps for tracking
04-08-16 Category: Recovery

Say you’d like to pick up a new habit. Maybe you don’t exercise as much as you’d like, or maybe you want to finally get around to writing that novel. Goal tracking — or recording your goals and regularly reporting on your progress — is one way to accomplish these tasks. Goal tracking can be […]

environmental influences
03-23-16 Category: Health and Wellness, Recovery

Imagine going to the doctor’s office and being told that your genes make you more likely to develop particular types of illness and disease later in life — would you want to have the ability to turn off these genes? Gene variations are responsible for giving us all of our unique personality traits and characteristics […]

sober on St. Patrick’s Day
03-17-16 Category: Recovery, Substance Abuse

St. Patrick’s Day can be a nightmare for a person in recovery. Green beer, public intoxication and rowdy parades can make it tempting to stay indoors or worse — relapse. The best way to deal with St. Patrick’s Day is to be prepared with alternate plans. (It also doesn’t hurt to have your sponsor’s phone […]

Having an eating disorder during National Nutrition Month
03-11-16 Category: Recovery

This March is National Nutrition Month, an educational campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The goal of the campaign is to teach people how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits such as how to consume the proper amounts of vitamins and avoid overeating. Unfortunately, eating disorders take healthy eating habits (don’t […]

High-fat diet may lead to anxiety, depression
03-07-16 Category: Anxiety, Depression, Recovery

Anxiety and depression can lead to obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, which can worsen mental health symptoms. Many commonly prescribed psychiatric medications used to treat anxiety and depression cause weight gain, making matters worse. A new study A recent French study explored the relationship between metabolism and emotionality in mice. A group of mice […]

addiction treatment

  The word “detox” gets thrown around a lot when fad diets and cleanses are being discussed. For people trying to beat substance abuse, it doesn’t involve juices and stretching; rather, it’s the first time in a long time when their bodies relearn how to function without drugs. medical conditions. Detoxing from amphetamines is nerve-wracking […]

02-12-16 Category: Recovery, Substance Abuse, Treatment

  Recreational drug use is social. Drug dependency is thinly sheathed misery that often craves the company of a few birds of the same feather. Addiction is a solitary confinement behind a mask that you are “doing just fine.” Rock bottom is a respecter of no person. When an addict has the epiphany, instinct drives […]

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