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Camila Mendes says she is still vulnerable to eating disorder
07-09-18 Category: Eating Disorders, Recovery, Weight Loss

“Riverdale” star Camila Mendes, who opened up about her eating disorder to fans long ago, is no more hesitant to accept that she still continues to remain in “that vulnerable state.” While speaking with a magazine recently, the 24-year-old actress confessed that she is still struggling with the symptoms of the mental problem and dealing […]

Addiction treatment centers on verge of closure after Health Net refuses to foot patients’ bills
12-15-17 Category: Addiction Treatment, Recovery, Treatment

Patients receiving treatment for substance abuse in California are a disgruntled lot because Health Net—an insurance provider that offered the best coverage for addiction treatment—has refused to pay for their treatments anymore. The acrimonious tussle between the insurer and treatment providers has been going on for quite some time now, leaving the patients uncertain of […]

Gaining weight has made me happy, says UK blogger who battled eating disorders

Since her childhood, 24-year-old blogger Danica Marjanovic of Belfast struggled with body dysmorphia and never felt comfortable with the way she looked. At that stage of her life, Marjanovic had reached a point where dieting to lose weight became her sole focus. The blogger didn’t realize she was entering a dangerous territory, where she would […]

12-01-17 Category: Mental Health Treatment, Recovery, Stress

Joanna was in her late 40s when she was diagnosed with HIV. She got the infection from her partner with whom she broke up the moment she found the test results positive. Her life changed ever since. A happy, vivacious and outgoing person transformed into a gloomy and negative woman. Like Joanna, there are millions […]

09-12-17 Category: Mental Health, Recovery, Substance Abuse

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has established a working definition of recovery from mental health and substance use disorders (MH/SUD) as a “process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.” Recovery can be facilitated by making sure that […]


The United States is grappling with a deadly opioid epidemic, causing a surge in the number of overdoses and associated fatalities. Opioid overdoses are happening not only along the borders and crime-ridden alleyways but also in every nook and cranny of concrete high-rises and bustling metropolises. According to a recent report published by the Blue […]

06-16-17 Category: Mental Health, Recovery

For many people, the aftermath of a traumatic event can result in painful memories. Over time, these memories may fade for some of them, but for others, they may linger for months or even years after the event. Such a condition, which is diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), causes emotional devastation and carries a […]

12-08-16 Category: Recovery, Stress

Though it is easy to focus on the stressful parts of the holidays when in recovery, many aspects of this season can be beneficial to the healing process. Family and friends can provide a supportive, loving environment that is conducive to mental health and sobriety. Large social networks have proven helpful to those in recovery. […]


Alcohol is a staple at many holiday parties. Christmas festivities might seem incomplete without a little eggnog, while it’s common for champagne to be handed out close to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Alcohol abuse is common during the holidays, as is relapse for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. According to the National Institute […]

12-05-16 Category: Physical Health, Recovery, Weight Loss

Having a healthy relationship with food during the holidays can prevent the risk of relapse in individuals with past substance abuse issues. Many people have disordered relationships with food, which can result in using substances or adopting other maladaptive behaviors in an attempt to lose weight. During the holiday season, engaging in healthy food behaviors […]

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