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Psychological Trauma

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Shia LaBeouf speaks about his struggles with PTSD
03-15-18 Category: Psychological Trauma

Any traumatic experience in life can rock an individual to the core. For individuals who endure such misery, the world doesn’t remain a safe place any longer. In fact, the world becomes a place where nasty things can often take place. Significantly, anybody who has witnessed something shocking, dangerous or traumatic could continue to have […]


The development of a mental disorder is traceable to various contributing factors. While some reasons are internal to a person, other reasons are external and out of one’s immediate control. Major life events and other role transitions throughout the years can act as a trigger for many individuals. In specific cases, these types of events […]

the adverse effects of combining post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse

Because post traumatic stress disorder (PTS)  is so jarring, some with this condition may often seek relief in various forms. Unfortunately, this may mean certain individuals turn to substance abuse, which can conversely worsen symptoms of PTSD. Research has shown that more than half of individuals with PTSD also experience alcohol dependence, while about one […]

prison vs mental health institutions

This past April, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed a number of harsh issues that currently plague the United States. She particularly highlighted a connection between prisons and mental health care. Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, a calculated migration of people suffering from mental illness took place due to the tarnished reputation of long-stay […]

treatment for alcoholism and how it affects women

The disease of alcoholism does not discriminate but takes particular physical and cognitive tolls on both sexes. Although women may become addicted faster than men, they have lower relapse rates after treatment. While women may experience more serious liver damage, their brain matter rebounds faster after treatment. Biological differences between men and women dictate the […]

Makeup and glamour. Young attractive woman studio portrait.
04-08-15 Category: Mental Health, Psychological Trauma

When it comes to the tragedy of suicide many subjects arise including the theory that suicide might run in families. A famous example of this phenomenon is poet Sylvia Plath who notoriously died by asphyxiation by putting her head inside an oven in 1963. Forty-six years later, her son, marine biologist Nicholas Hughes took his […]

phobia of doctors
02-25-15 Category: Psychological Trauma

Most patients who need to see a doctor have reservations about the experience at one point or another. Fear of learning about a potential diagnosis, condition or illness is a normal concern. However, there are those who experience more serious symptoms that prevent necessary physician office visits. Of course, this fear carries with it the […]

03-20-14 Category: Psychological Trauma

Over 20 states in the U.S. have legalized medical marijuana, and two have legalized personal use of the drug, although it remains prohibited at the federal level. More than 1 million Americans currently use marijuana for medical purposes, typically for chronic pain, persistent nausea, cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, or glaucoma. However, there has been limited […]

psychological trauma in children
10-20-12 Category: Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche which occurs as a result of a sudden, quick traumatic event. When that trauma leads to post traumatic stress disorder, the damage may involve physical changes inside the brain and to brain chemistry, which changes the person’s response to future stress. A traumatic event involves […]

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