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new baby smell
10-18-16 Category: Cognition, Parenting, Research

The next time you meet a new parent, tell them their baby smells. Okay, so that’s probably a great way to lose friends – and possibly get punched – so don’t go and actually do it. But new babies really do smell, and it’s not because they need changing. A new study shows that the smell […]

enabling behaviors
06-20-16 Category: Advocacy, Parenting, Substance Abuse

Human beings adapt to survive. We harnessed fire to avoid freezing to death. But not all adaptations are as positive as that. We also adapt by enabling others. Individuals living with an addict suffer the pangs of addiction without ingesting substances. In order to spare themselves emotional upheaval, they consciously or subconsciously choose to enable […]

indicator for postpartum depression

A latest Northwestern Medicine study links higher oxytocin levels in the third trimester of pregnancy to effectively predict the severity of postpartum depression symptoms in women who have a history of struggling with depression. There are more than 3 million cases of postpartum depression in the U.S. every year, exposing women to extreme feelings of […]

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