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Mental Illness

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06-08-17 Category: Mental Illness

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the latest to join the growing ranks of experts from the medical science fraternity who are raising the alarm about the adverse impact of the changing environment on the physical and mental health of individuals Taking note of the devastating consequences of climate change around the world, in its […]


The nomination of Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz by President Donald Trump as the first ever assistant secretary of mental health and substance abuse to help overhaul the system has exposed longstanding rifts within the field. People opposing the nomination of McCance-Katz, a promotor of hospital and drug treatment for psychiatric disorders, have argued that the ongoing […]

05-18-17 Category: Mental Health, Mental Illness

Experiencing anxiety or nervousness is a natural and normal reaction to stress. A normal degree of fear of illnesses, new social interactions and frightening events can help individuals handle problems and challenging situations, and even avoid danger. However, enduring the terror of phobias or the unrelenting anticipatory anxiety on a regular basis to the point […]

05-11-17 Category: Mental Health, Mental Illness

Whether it’s your first day at a new job or you’re planning for a thrilling vacation to an exotic destination for the first time or you have a major surgery scheduled in the near future, it is natural to experience a certain degree of fear and uneasiness that could even cause sweaty palms or a […]

05-10-17 Category: Mental Illness

“The stress of living a life in a black body is agonizing. The overwhelming sense of dread is dragging me deeper into the abyss of despair,” said a desolate 23-year-old Alyssa Walker (name changed), a resident of Fillmore District in San Francisco. Walker believes that the pain and trauma of subjugation run in her DNA, […]

San Clemente rehab advocates step up protests against ‘hateful’ ordinances
05-04-17 Category: Mental Health, Mental Illness

“They are broken people,” sighed Martin Lugo, an individual on his way to sobriety, who works in a rehab center to bring a change in the lives of others like him. Lugo was one among the group of 12 people who assembled again at the San Clemente City Council’s meeting on May 2, 2017, seeking […]

05-03-17 Category: Mental Health, Mental Illness

Changes around and after pregnancy could render women more vulnerable to certain mental illnesses, impacting their ability to function and thrive. Moreover, such mental health issues could affect the fetus or child adversely, with long-term physical and cognitive outcomes. Pregnancy is often regarded as one of the happiest phases of a woman’s life but for […]

Job dissatisfaction can take heavy toll on one’s mental health
05-01-17 Category: Mental Illness, Treatment

“I’m tired of dealing with mean, resentful people who simply clamor for unrealistic solutions in a short span of time,” said Jonathan (name changed) of Anaheim, while speaking to his mother over the phone. It was the third time in last one week that Martha, 54, wasn’t feeling very good after speaking to her 32-year-old […]

04-21-17 Category: Mental Illness

“Treatment saves lives” and “People are dying!” were some of the strong messages on protester’s placards as they picketed outside the San Clemente City Council chambers on April 18th to protest the city’s extreme restrictions on sober living homes. The group chanted, prayed and enacted overdose death scenes to bring home their concerns about the […]

Man with possible drug history kills two in San Bernardino school shooting
04-11-17 Category: Addiction, Mental Illness

As a busy sunny Monday morning began to unfold in San Bernardino City Unified School District, little did the residents ever imagine that tragedy would befall their city once again, within a span of 15 months. The date, April 10, 2017, would go down in the city’s history as a dark day. As fate would […]

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