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10-19-12 Category: Health and Wellness

Eating disorder expert Dr. Divya Kakaiya presents on binge eating disorder and impulsive dysregulation. Divya Kakaiya, Ph D., is the Clinical Director and Founder of Healthy Within treatment program in San Diego and Past President and Founder of Healthy Within Foundation, California. She has been treating eating disorders since 1985. Patients with binge eating disorder […]

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Binge Eating Disorder
07-04-11 Category: Health and Wellness

Mention eating disorders to the majority of people and they will probably imagine someone who is ‘stick thin’ or emaciated. They cannot picture someone who is overweight or obese. Admittedly, anorexics and bulimics will often present in this way – but not all eating disorder sufferers are obsessed with starving themselves. Binge eating disorder, often […]

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