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08-25-17 Category: Empowerment, Self Help, Stress

Former President Barack Obama once said in a statement, “Women’s equality is a core civil and human rights principle in the United States and around the world. Across America, women are contributing to our economy and our Nation in innovative and exciting ways. From businesses to battlefields, women are vital to the prosperity and security […]

08-08-17 Category: Advocacy, Empowerment

The U.S. Senate passed Jessie’s Law (S. 581) in a marathon session held on Aug. 3, 2017, before the legislators broke for their summer recess. The bill, which was passed by unanimous consent, mandates the inclusion of information about a consenting patient’s opioid addiction history in individual medical records, which can then be shared with […]

Body dysmorphia – in the eyes of the beholder
02-15-17 Category: Empowerment, Mental Health

They say bartenders and hair stylists are the frontline therapists, as they’re listening ears when people come to them to escape problems or feel good about themselves. Cosmetic surgeons are perhaps the third leg to this therapeutic pedestal and – though they are often typified to the contrary – can offer sincere, timely interventions for […]

Self-defense training
06-23-16 Category: Empowerment, Recovery, Trauma

On average, 20 people per minute are victims of intimate partner violence in the United States. For men and women who have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse, learning how to defend themselves can be an important step on their path to recovery. Self-defense training is particularly beneficial for boosting self-confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem […]

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