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Emotional awareness

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VA comes up with new initiative to help veterans with mental illness

After having fought in multiple wars during different eras to protect the nation, American veterans often struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioral health problems and most of them fail to receive the required treatment due to cracks in the system. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), approximately 20 veterans commit suicide […]

depression in men

Men don’t ask for help. Men go it alone! Men rely on their wits, skills and internal strength to make it through life, and any man who dares ask for help just isn’t a man. Right? Wrong. Self-reliance is one thing, but for the most part, constantly going it alone is a mistake. Every man, […]

affects emotional processing

A recent study suggests that marijuana consumption, as a matter of fact, does compromise users’ ability to identify, understand and empathize with human emotions. This includes emotions of joy, grief and anger. However, the study highlights a detailed difference: the effect on the users’ ability to process emotions depends on whether the emotions were detected […]

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