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Drug Abuse

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07-12-17 Category: Chronic Pain, Drug Abuse, Opioid

Today, managing pain seems to be becoming a major health challenge in the U.S. Research conducted by several national health agencies suggest that lower back pain is the most common neurological ailment, followed by a severe headache or a migraine, neck pain and facial ache in the U.S. Added to this is the reality that […]


“Hey there! Fancy a hit of the great Smoochy Woochy Poochy?” whispers a menacing-looking street drug dealer, stepping over used needles in a dingy alleyway. “Or maybe a bit of Purple Rain or some Scooby Snacks,” he says, while attempting to allure passersby. As the sun sets in one of the most notorious neighborhoods of […]

06-23-17 Category: Drug Abuse, Drug Rehab

Securing leads from trusted informants and armed with seismic devices, acoustics and ground-penetrating radar technology, United States Border Patrol agents nicknamed as “tunnel rats” are tirelessly on the lookout for signs of narco tunnels along the U.S.-Mexico border. Such tunnels have proliferated all across San Diego and Mexico’s Tijuana. They are being used for smuggling […]

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